How To Link Facebook With Twitter

You can link your ​Facebook Page to your Twitter account so that you can share your Facebook posts on Twitter.

​Linking your Facebook business ​page and your Twitter account will help you to save time with your Social Media ​Marketing efforts. Once you have ​linked Facebook with your Twitter, you​ can post ​to​ your Facebook page and your content will automatically be shared onto your ​Twitter ​feed​. ​​This quick and easy trick allows you to kill two birds with one post! 

“Post Post, Tweet Tweet”

​Account Linking Options

Facebook allows for a few options on what content will be shared ​while setting up the link ​between the two accounts. ​You can choose exactly what ​types of content will be shared.

Ex: Updates, Photos, Videos, etc.

How ​To:

Step One​ – Login to Both ​Accounts
  • Login into your ​Twitter account.
  • Open a new browser tab and login to your ​Facebook​ account​.
  • ​​In a third browser tab visit: ​​
  • Click Link a Page to Twitter ​and follow the on-screen instructions guiding you through the process.​​​
Step Three – Choose Sharing Options
  • To unlink accounts or change the sharing options choose the ​Edit ​Settings options from:
  • Save changes.

Note: Only posts that have been shared with Public on Facebook will be shared on Twitter.

About The Author:

Cuyler Pagano

Cuyler Pagano

Cuyler Pagano is a digital marketing expert who has spent the last 15+ years honing his skills in SEO, SEM and Social Media.

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