How To Link an Instagram Account to a Facebook Page

Linking Your Business Instagram Account To Your Facebook Business Page

Linking your Instagram account to your Facebook page is easier then ever. Once you have your two accounts ​linked, you can easily share information between them and advertise on Instagram using your Facebook ​ad account. In addition you will get access to Instagram Analytics and ​be able to add a Call-​to-Action to your Instagram posts.

​​Before you begin, ​make sure that you have set your Instagram​ ​account to Public as you will not be allowed to ​switch a private account to a ​business account.​


Link Instagram and Facebook

1. Go to your personal Instagram​ account page and ​tap the navigation mobile menu and then tap the ​Settings​ ​navigation gear icon.

2. In Settings, tap the Account ta​b.

3. In​ Account, ​tap ​​​Get Instagram ​Business Tools ​and then tap continue a few times.

​4. Choose your ​Business ​Category and tap next​ and verify your email address.

5. ​Login to the Facebook ​​Account you would like to connect with your Instagram.

6. ​Verify with Facebook that you would like to ​Grant ​Access to ​Instagram.

7. Select the Facebook Business ​Page you would like to link and tap ​Done.

​8. Review your account information is correct and tap Done to save any changes.

You ​have just linked your Instagram and Facebook Accounts! You can now easily share content ​from Instagram ​to ​Facebook saving you time and streamlining your social marketing efforts.

How To Share An Instagram Post To Facebook

Now that you have connected your Instagram and Facebook accounts you will be able to share your Insta posts to Facebook. There are actually two different ways you can go about it. First you can choose to a​uto share your post to your Facebook page when posting on Instagram or you can go back after and share a previously posted Instagram post to Facebook.

Auto Share to Facebook

Lets start with the easier of the two ways and share our Instagram post automatically to our Facebook p​age with one click of a button.

1. Start your Instagram post just as you would any other.

2. Select all of your Instagram options and fill out ​the available information just like any other post.

3. Before posting, select the Also Share To Facebook option.

4. Select the Facebook page you have previously linked.

5. Tap Share to post to both Instagram and Facebook.

You’ve just successfully shared your Instagram Business account post to your Facebook Business Page!

​How To Share ​An Old Instagram Post ​To A Facebook Page

You may not always want to share everything you post to Instagram to both platforms and may occasionally need to share an old Instagram post to Facebook. It’s really quick and easy to do!

1. Go to your Instagram ​feed and click into the details of the post you would like to share.

​2. Tap the three dots in the top right hand corner of the post to open the options menu.

3. Tap Share, ​which ​is the first choice in the options menu.

4. Select ​Facebook from the share to option.

5. Select your linked Facebook page ​and grant access.

6. Edit your posts details and tap S​hare.

You’ve just successfully shared your old Instagram ​post to your Facebook page!

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